20 Years After

20 Years After is one of those movies where I can't shake the feeling like I walked into the middle of the film even though I clearly started at the beginning.

The plot, which I'm having a terribly difficult time following, is about a woman who gets pregnant just after nuclear war turns America into a smoking ruin in the grandest Capital Wasteland style. No mention is made of what country did it or who we turned into rubble just afterward, and you know we did, even IF we were attacked first. Anyway, the woman in question has some bizarre family issues, and is being pursued by what appears to be a random lunatic who wants her baby for some reason.

No, I'm completely lost. It's like watching two separate movies that just happen to have the same characters, the problem is that one movie is good and the other one is complete garbage. I spent so much time just literally baffled. There would be parts that would pull me in, and get me interested, and keep me watching, and then all of a sudden we'd switch gears to some random building somewhere full of what I can only guess was crackheads. I'd be watching the cave people get along with each other, and make the blue glass tree, and set up their radio station and all like that, and then boom! It's back to what I can only describe as the Raider camp who are walking around a firepit and watching a spider make a web.

The worst of it is that I love a good post-Apocalyptic epic just as much as the next guy, if not more so. Survival horror is a personal favorite subgenre. I lost maybe two weeks to Fallout 3 and I haven't even tried Operation: Anchorage yet. I'm desperately looking forward to when The Pitt comes out.

But 20 Years After...man, that was just beyond me.

The ending features some kind of attempt to tie together more loose ends than a plate of linguini, but just can't quite seem to pull it off without being even more confusing and a bit contrived in the process.

All in all, I tried to like this one, really I did, and there are occasional moments of brightness to this, but at the end of the day I just can't get behind it.