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Considering that Evil Aliens starts off with some guy banging some chick in the middle of what looks like a cheap Stonehenge, and said guy has the worst Austin Powers-soundalike accent I've ever heard, I'm not exactly holding out a lot of hope for Evil Aliens.

When they follow that up with the...oh hell, I don't think even I can bring myself to type what just happened to this poor, poor bastard. Let's just say it involves anal probing. And the probe looks like a very large power drill.

Thankfully, every so often, I'm wrong about my initial impressions. Evil Aliens sends out a group from a TV show in London to film recent alien activity on an island near the mainland. The show in question, "Weird Worlde", is about to go under, probably due to horrible production values and the fact that they have yet to actually capture an alien or similar beastie. So when they actually run into horrible, psychopathic, alien monsters, they're really poorly equipped to handle it.

Let me just say that if you're fond of the webcomic "Scary Go Round", then you're going to absolutely love Evil Aliens. Because Evil Aliens is just as funny, just as freaky, and just as English as "Scary Go Round". Just to be very clear, Evil Aliens is very, very English. On a scale of one to ten where one is Austin Powers and ten is Charles Dickens, Evil Aliens is about a forty-two. They will even reference The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy once or twice.

There will be plenty of action, laughs, and gore so over-the-top "gratuitous" almost seems inadequate to describe it. There will also be a couple of scenes that are such spectacles that they're actually in poor taste. But regardless, overall, Evil Aliens will be an absolute panic to watch.

Oh, and lesson to any aliens who may be studying my work--if you want easy kills, don't come around the country. We keep lots and lots of machines with blades and augers and assorted engine-driven whatnot attached just as a matter of course.

The ending is one of the funniest, most spectacular sequences of farm machinery mutilation I've ever seen. It may well be THE funniest sequence of farm machinery mutilation I've ever seen. Oh is. If for no other reason than I can't remember seeing any other one.

The special features include audio options, extended and deleted scenes, an outtake reel, a guided tour of "Life Creations", and a trailer for Evil Aliens.

All in all, I'm actually somewhat impressed with Evil Aliens. The constant infusions of humor are quite welcome, and even the sometimes gratuitous gore manages to work with the over-the-top nature of the

whole work.