Tired of waiting for Reese Witherspoon to get her act together and finally make something? Well, the wait is over. According to Variety, Reese's own production company, Type A Films, is preparing a film adaptation of Rebecca Godfrey's true crime piece Under the Bridge.

The story focuses on Godfrey's small home town, where eight high school students were charged with the brutal murder of one of their classmates. The script will cover both the investingation and the prosecution. Two of the students were finally convicted in 2005.

Catherine Hardwicke, who gave us the taught teen drama Thirteen, is aiming to direct. Whether Witherspoon will appear in the movie is still up in the air.

Type A has bought both film rights to the book and life rights to Godfrey's story. There is a possibility that the author will become a character in the film. Could this be the part for Reese? Only time will tell.

Witherspoon is currently slated to appear in the horror flick Our Family Trouble which is shooting this year.