Reese Witherspoon is in talks to star as the female lead alongside Keanu Reeves in Passengers. Keanu Reeves has been attached to the project since 2010, when Gabriele Muccino was attached to direct.

The story, written by Jon Spaihts (Prometheus), centers on Jim Preston (Keanu Reeves), a mechanic travelling on a 120-year journey to a planet in another galaxy, whose cryogenic pod fails. He wakes up more than a century before the other passengers, and decides to wake up another passenger, the female journalist Aurora (Reese Witherspoon). While the two begin to fall in love, they also discover a major malfunction on the ship that may threaten their lives.

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Brian Kirk (Game of Thrones) is directing for Wayfare Entertainment, with Keanu Reeves, Stephen Hamel, and Ben Browning producing. Production will take place in Montreal, although it isn't known when shooting will begin.

Reese Witherspoon can currently be seen in the indie drama Mud, alongside Matthew McConaughey.