I don't know about you, but I was one of those people that went out and snagged a MoviePass card when the service hit a year or so ago. Truth be told, I never found the time to, you know, actually use the card (I know, I know, you sound like my mother), but I still think the original plan was far and away the coolest thing to happen to movie theaters in decades. Well, at least since IMAX became a big thing. Anyhow, today we have word that Regal Cinemas is launching their own unlimited movie ticket subscription service at the end of July here in the U.S.

This unlimited movie tickets plan will actually be unlimited, unlike some other subscription programs and is specifically aimed at "passionate moviegoers who go to the movies well in excess of two times a month." There will be three tiers of pricing, which equal out to $18, $21 and $24 per month. Now, as good as that sounds, there does seem to be one catch in the works as it's rumored subscribers will have to purchase an entire year in advance. Ouch. If this is the case, the three-tier payments will run $288, $252 and $216 per year. But that said, Regal's program will get you an immediate 10% cash reduction on concessions. So that's something to consider.

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On top of that, we hear that Regal's Unlimited subscription plan will be based on theater location. Meaning for those of you movie goers out there that purchase the top-priced tier, you will have access to any Regal Cinema in the states. Meanwhile, those of you that decide to spring for the lowest level will only get access to about half of the Regal Cinemas across the United States.

At this point in time, it's not clear whether Regal's Unlimited subscription plan will include premium venues such as IMAX, Dolby 3D, Premium Large Format screens, or Dbox in the subscription plan like they are with AMC's Stubs A-List movie ticket subscription program. And speaking of AMC's Stubs A-List, that launched a year ago and has already snagged more than 860,000 subscribers. But I don't have any AMC theaters in my area, so this Regal plan seems much more my style.

But for those of you out there that would rather just stick to what you know, you can always become a member of The Regal Crown Club for free. But that plan is about as old-school as they come, offering you a free small popcorn if you spend $60, a free soda if you spend $70, and (woo-hoo!) a single free (non-IMAX) movie ticket if you spend over $180.

Like most movie theater subscription plans, this upcoming Regal Unlimted plan has its pros and cons, but I really do think these plans will be the wave of the future and so it's my recommendation that you get in on the ground floor. After all, like all of the streaming platforms out there, once these movie theater subscription plans really catch on in a big way (meaning even your mother has one) then the powers that be will inevitably begin to jack up prices and cut down on benefits. So go ahead and get while the getting's good. This story comes to us via Deadline.