Ollie the Otter: According to The Hollywood Reporter, Regency Enterprises is embarking on its first CGI-animated feature, partnering with animation studio CritterPix to develop a feature based on the children's best seller "Ollie the Otter," by Kelly Alan Williamson.

Regency will spearhead creative development and has the option of investing in CritterPix and to co-finance the film's production.

"We are thrilled to enter into this partnership with CritterPix," Regency president David Matalon said. "CritterPix is a fresh animation voice that is fortified with talented storytelling veterans. The creative collaboration between our two companies will bring all of these lovable 'Ollie the Otter' characters to audiences around the world."

New Regency has produced more than 70 films, including JFK, the Free Willy franchise, L.A. Confidential, Big Momma's House, Unfaithful, Daredevil and Man on Fire.