When it comes to actors who can switch from drama to comedy and comedy to drama, the name Adam Sandler is popping up more and more. His style is so insatiable, and classic; he's becoming one of Americas greatest actors - and, in my opinion, that's 100% true.

In his newest film, Reign Over Me, Adam portrays a man whose family was killed on one of the planes that hit the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001. Six years later, he's still affected by the event, even trying to completely block that horrible day out of his memory.

In an amazing performance of strength and will, Adam delivers a knock-out punch on screen. Reign Over Me starts out with very soft music as the camera pans night-time New York; you follow a very simple man (Sandler) driving along the streets of the city on his motorized scooter.

We next meet Don Cheadle, a dentist; after work one day, he sees Adam on his scooter and tries to get a hold of him - unfortunately, he doesn't. The two were college roommates, but after 9/11, he never heard from him again. A few days later, Don happens to run into Adam again, and this time, he's able to talk to him.

Adam's stare is empty, he doesn't remember Don at first; but he invites him up to his apartment anyway. His home is as empty as he is, except there is a ton of stuff in the house. He's had the kitchen remodeled forever, never keeping it the same way, always working on it.

Don really wants to help Adam, except Adam doesn't want the help; that is until Don convinces him it's necessary. He takes Adam to see a shrink in his building, played by Liv Tyler; she tries to help him regain some confidence in himself. Pent-up anger and frustration has destroyed Adam's life; the first time his family is mentioned, he goes crazy. The scene is chilling, Adam is frightened; it's almost haunting watching his performance on the screen.

Adam has completely lost all sense of his life. This is by far the toughest role he has played in his career. He plays a man who has no sense of himself, his self worth, anything; it was surreal staring at the screen.

In one particular scene, Adam is appearing in court proving his sanity. When the defense lawyer brings up his family, his wife and kids, Adam loses it; he needed to be physically restrained, and eventually taken away. Another tremendous scene where you really get to see the acting chops at work.

Throughout the film, you're torn; you don't know whether to feel sorry for Adam or to just want him to forget it and get better. It's not until one of the final scenes in the film where this writer completely lost his cool, and had to start weeping. The entire film is emotional, touching, and disturbing; but in one scene it all comes together.

Reign Over Me is a must-see film! It's the first great movie this year, and should garner some attention come award time for Adam Sandler! He is truly amazing in this movie, and should be remembered when those names are called sometime next year.

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