The long troubled Stretch Armstrong movie has hit another speed bump, as Relativity Media abandons the project based on the popular Hasbro toy.

Stretch Armstrong was to have opened April 11, 2014. But the production never managed to get off the ground, with the toy continuing to leak its signature jelly all over Hollywood in its long-gestating road to the big screen.

Relativity Media released this statement.

"Stretch Armstrong is an incredible character who will make an amazing movie, and we know that Hasbro has some new ideas they are looking at. Relativity and Hasbro have a tremendous relationship, and we decided to focus on other projects. We look forward to continuing to work together."

Hasbro will continue to try to develop the toy into a feature, as it looks for another possible distributor. Released in 1976 on toy store shelves everywhere, the action figure was known for its ability to be pulled and stretched into various different shapes. It was also notorious for ripping and leaking its insides all over children and carpets across America. After leaving in the wake of Star Wars and its immensely popular line of action figures and playsets, a new improved, less leaky Stretch made his way back into retail shops in the mid-90s.

And its been since the 1990s that Hasbro has tried to launch a feature film based on the toy, which never had its own TV series like Hasbro's Transformers and G.I. Joe.

Stretch Armstrong was one of properties in the Hasbro-Universal pact of 2008, but after many failed attempts to get the product on the big screen, Universal dropped it in January 2012, when it was picked up by Relativity. Most famously, Taylor Lautner was cast to play the stretching hero before Universal dropped the film. Danny DeVito was also once in contention for the infamous role.

Mel Gibson and Jackie Chan were also set to play the character at one point over the past thirty years. To read a very entertaining oral history of the project: CLICK HERE It's a must read.

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange