Production Weekly reports that Renny Harlin is set to helm an adaptation of the graphic novel, "The Covenant," by "Crossing Jordan" writer Aron Coleite and artist Tone Rodriguez.

J.S. Cardone's script follows a group of four families whose patriarchs wield a vast eldritch power. Those powers have been passed down from father to son for generations. The main players in the book are Caleb, Pogue, Reid and Miller. We meet them at the moment when they discover they are the next in line to receive the power of the Covenant.

The story begins with the four boys learning about their powers as well as what the Covenant is. During this summer of experimentation, the boys unknowingly release an evil out into the world. Fours years later, the Covenant has to stop the menace they unleashed, however, when suspicion falls on a member of the Covenant, the true evil is the jealousy that might tear the Convenant apart.

Production is set to begin the first week of October in Montreal.