You can enjoy countless hours of your favorite hapless Nevada sherrifs on DVD this July. Reno 911!: The Complete Fifth Season is coming to DVD on July 15. We don't have any pricing details on this three-disc set as of yet, but it will contain all 16 episodes from this season. The series stars Thomas Lennon, Robert Ben Garant, Kerri Kinney, Niecy Nash, Cedric Yarbrough, Wendy McLendon-Covey, Carlos Alazraqui and Mary Birdsong.


The officers of Reno 911! are back with their most ridiculous season yet, with sixteen episodes that'll leave you stewed, screwed, and tattooed. In this fifth season, Wiegel meets her real daddy, the department hires an ex-sex slave worker, and the team takes on a badass bounty hunter. With their failed stings and constant drinking problems, they'll prove to you that they have exactly what it takes to be cops: badges.

Special Features

- Commentary: Audio Commentary

- Featurette: Cop Psychology: Inside the Minds of Reno's Deputies

- Additional Scenes: Extended Scenes

- Other: The Daily Show - Marines in Berkeley

- Other: The Colbert Report - Tip/Wag Afghanistan

- Featurette: Dangle and Wiegel at the Mr. McHuggle's Warehouse

- Featurette: Clown Car Tragedy

- Other: South Park - It's Just Gone

- Other: Lil' Bush - Spring Break

- Featurette: Garcia and Junior Join a Militia

- Featurette: Jackie's Last Will and Testament

- Commentary: Audio Commentary