First Daughter:Dark Horizons scored a great scoop fro someone who recently spent some time on the set of the Forest Whitaker romantic comedy, First Daughter. Take a look:

"I learned that the movie is about the daughter (Katie Holmes) of the President of the United States going to college. In one scene Katie Holmes walks into a school protest and doesn't figure out till later that the student body is protest against her father. Another scene takes place at a school fair, and Katie Holmes slides down a makeshift waterslide. Later on durring filming, a scene is shot at a very nice house where a Fraturnity party is heald durring the movie. Cars are parked on the lawn and students are all over the property getting drunk, playing ping pong, cards, and are swimming in the pool. Be sure to look for the blowup dolls floating in the pool. Durring the scene, a very hot Katie Holmes comes out in a blue bikini and sits in a chair near the pool, while the secret service keep on guard. As she sits, 4 guys come out mock dancing to a rock song rendition of Hail to the Chief. The dance around her, shake there rears and hold her chair in the air with her in it. While this is going on, a guy comes out holding a gun. The secret service tackle him to the ground, grab Katie Holmes, throw her in a black suburban and take off down the drive way. The secret service later find out that the gun the guy was holding was a water gun".

Thanks again to Dark Horizons!