The trailer for ReRUN finds Christopher Lloyd heading back in time. The new feature film is directed by Alyssa Rallo Bennett from a script written by Gary O. Bennett of Stonestreet Studios. It was announced back in May of 2017 that Lloyd was attached to star in the indie drama and the actor revealed that he was excited to take on the role, noting that going back in time was not something he ever thought he would revisit in his career after the beloved Back to the Future franchise wrapped back in 1990. Lloyd called the ReRun story "wonderful and moving," when asked about agreeing to star in the film.

ReRun director Alyssa Rallo Bennett says that 78-year old Christopher Lloyd is "an ageless actor," and that "he's in great shape, and was able to parry, elevate and improv with our young 10-year old star." Rallo went on to say that Lloyd is "not vain, appearing older in the film than he does in life." While the actor is only seen a few times in the trailer, it certainly looks like he's giving a powerful performance in his brief scenes.

ReRun is described as a modern day twist on the Christmas classic It's a Wonderful Life, with Christopher Lloyd's George Benson character haunted by tragedy, the loss of Violet, the "wayward girl," who he had a soft heart for, due to an accident he may have been able to prevent. George thinks that he is about to play a game with his grandson, but instead ends up falling into an invisible portal hiding in his closet. George falls into his younger body and is able to face his conflicts and troubles with new knowledge along with a temptation to try to change the past or possibly re-envision it.

ReRun is the third time that Alyssa Rallo Bennett and Gary O. Bennett have worked on a movie together. The Pack, which they co-wrote and was directed by Alyssa, was accepted into the Tribeca Film Festival as well as other film festivals, and was later released theatrically in major North American cities. The Bennetts first collaboration, Rain Without Thunder, is considered to a cult classic by certain cinephiles. The film stars Jeff Daniels, Linda Hunt, Betty Buckley, and Steve Zahn. Rain Without Thunder was theatrically released and is now available on Amazon Prime to stream.

ReRun premieres tonight, October 15th, at the Woodstock Film Festival and will be released theatrically at a later date. An official release date has yet to be announced. With that being said, it looks like Alyssa Rallo Bennett and Gary O. Bennett have created something familiar, while being unique at the same time. Plus, they were able to get Christopher Lloyd to go back in time again, which is a pretty major feat. You can watch the intriguing trailer for ReRun below, thanks to the Stonestreet Studios YouTube channel.

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb
Kevin Burwick