Sony is entering a new realm of Blu-ray with the TV on DVD market.

In a story from Home Media Magazine, they report that Sony Pictures Home Entertainment will be releasing Rescue Me: The Complete Third Season on Blu-ray disc June 5.

This release in Blu-ray marks "the first series to utilize the format's 50GB capacity, allowing Sony to fully present all the available bonus materials in addition to HD picture quality."

"We've had such a great track record with this series, and the opportunity to release it in this fantastic Blu-ray format is something we're very proud of," states Marc Rashba, VP of catalog and TV marketing for SPHE. "There is a smart and connected overlap between early adopters of this kind of technology and the audience of this show."

Rescue Me: The Complete Third Season will include "deleted scenes, a blooper real, several featurettes and a preview of the upcoming fourth season on cable channel FX."

At present, there are no plans for the studio to go back and redo the previous releases of Rescue Me that were in Standard DVD.

"If we go back, we need to offer our fans an extra value," Rashba offers. "We're all working folks, and we're very mindful about asking them to put out more money for what they already have."

Rescue Me: The Complete Third Season on standard DVD will sell for $49.95 and the Blu-ray version will sell for $79.95.