Hotel Rwanda helmer Terry George, has been hired to direct an adaptation of Jonathan Burnham Schwartz's novel Reservation Road, according to Production Weekly. Schwartz wrote both the book and the screenplay.

Production Weekly gives a synopsis of the book: The novel tells of two families whose lives are intertwined when one father accidentally kills the son of the other family in a hit-and-run accident. At the close of a beautiful summer day near the quiet Connecticut town where they live, the Learner family -- Ethan and Grace, their children, Josh and Emma -- stop at a gas station on their way home from a concert. Josh Learner, lost in a 10-year-old's private world, is standing at the edge of the road when a car comes racing around the bend. He is hit and instantly killed. The car speeds away.{@@@[email protected]@@}{@@@[email protected]@@}From this moment forward, the story becomes a harrowing countdown to the confrontation between two very different men. The hit-and-run driver is a small-town lawyer named Dwight Arno, a man in desperate need of a second chance. Dwight is also the father of a ten-year-old boy, who was asleep in the car the night Josh Learner was killed. Now Dwight must decide whether to run from his crime or to pay the price for what he did. Ethan Learner, a respected professor of literature at a small New England college, has seen his orderly world shattered in a single moment, yet persists in the belief that he can find the unknown man who killed his son. Behind their stories are those of eight-year-old Emma, who can't stop thinking her brother's death was her fault, and of Grace, who must find the strength to keep herself and her family together, and to be the mother Emma so badly needs.

Filming will begin in Connecticut this October.