Reservoir Dogs (August 27, 2002) has revealed details on an interesting take on DVD collector sets, with an 8-DVD Reservoir Dogs set that includes four of the exact same 2 DVD set, only with different collector covers with each of the key characters on them - Mr. Blond, Mr. Pink, Mr. White, and Mr. Orange.

Each DVD will include deleted scenes, two never-before-seen alternate angles of the famous 'ear' scene, Tarantino's Sundance Institute Directors Workshop Lab containing rare footage of key scenes rehearsed and filmed by Tarantino one year before the film was made, Class of '92: A retrospective look at the independent films and filmmakers at the 1992 Sundance Film Festival where Reservoir Dogs was introduced, all-new interviews with every major cast/crew member, a tribute to Lawrence Tierney, Reservoir Dogs director tribute: A focus on nine filmmakers who influenced Tarantino's masterpiece, Film Noir Web: The writers and directors behind the legacy of this classic genre, introduction by Tarantino, Real-Life Dogs: Interviews with real criminals discussing their heist attempts, Small Dogs: Action figure development documentary on the making of those little plastic dudes, Commentary featuring the cast & crew, K-BILLY interactive radio: listen to the super sounds of Steven Wright, as written by Tarantino with new interview by Gerry Rafferty (stuck in the middle of you), Automobile style guide, Securing the shot: location scouting with Billy Fox, poster gallery, and both full-screen and widescreen versions.

Thanks to Brian and Dark Horizons...

~ Rorschach