Michael Madsen has reprised his Mr. Blonde role from Reservoir Dogs for an important and rather violent stay at home PSA. Madsen, like the rest of the world, is spending his days indoors due to our current situation. A lot of people have been performing PSAs from their homes and delivering them on social media with varying forms of success. Gal Gadot's video meant to spread joy was ridiculed by social media. With that being said, Madsen's video should provide more than a few laughs for some Quentin Tarantino fans out there who could use it right now.

Mr. Blonde, aka Vic Vega, is a psychopath in Quentin Tarantino's Reservoir Dogs. Michael Madsen made cinematic history during a particularly brutal scene where he tortures a victim by cutting off his ear, among other things. Mr. Blonde gleefully dances to Stealer Wheel's 1973 hit single "Stuck in the Middle With You" as he performs the acts of torture. Now, Madsen has brought the character back, but it's actually for a good cause.

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In Michael Madsen's PSA video, we follow a camera which shows the different members of the actor's family while "Stuck in the Middle With You" plays. We see all of the members of Madsen's family with bandages over the ears, along with some blood, insinuating that they all had their ears removed by Mr. Blonde, who shows up at the very end of the clip to perform his iconic dance one more time. The main idea of the video is reinforced when some text comes on the screen asking people to remain indoors with the classic Reservoir Dogs blood drop imagery in the background. Maybe Mr. Blonde will come hunt down people who are not practicing safe social distancing?

The Michael Madsen PSA is a little disturbing, but that's why it's so great. We can all use some humor at the moment, even if it's a bit on the dark side of the spectrum. Currently, there are people who are choosing to remain indoors and then the extreme opposite, which includes people flocking to the beaches in California due to the nice weather. Madsen appears to be in the latter category and wants others to do the same until we can all get back to some form of normalcy.

Quentin Tarantino's Reservoir Dogs launched his career, along with many of the actors associated with the movie. Michael Madsen was already an established actor, but the Mr. Blonde role brought him to a whole new level of fame. In addition to Madsen, the movie also stars Harvey Keitel, Tim Roth, Chris Penn, Steve Buscemi, Lawrence Tierney, Tarantino, and Edward Bunke. You can check out Michael Madsen's stay indoors PSA above, thanks to the QT8: The First Eight YouTube channel. The PSA video is SFW and the violence is only insinuated, unlike Reservoir Dogs.