A 10th anniversary Special Edition Reservoir Dogs DVD is coming to video 2002. Hopefully we'll be hearing a long awaited commentary by Quentin. So far, his only audio insight is available on the Pulp Fiction Laser discs. Doesn't do the other 99.9% of society much good now, does it?

Movie PictureWanna traumatize kids for the rest of their lives?!? Then give'em {0} action figures! Created by McFarlane Toys (and based off of Hellraiser characters), these 6 inch bundles of joy not only sport the likeness of people being hung by meat hooks, but are chock full of hours of potential play time (and tons of small parts, for the little ones)! Just released a couple days ago, you can find these crazies at your local specialty shop. Look out Pokemon!Go see {1}! If it was playing right now, I'd be watching it right now. But it's not. {2}