A fourth live-action installment of the Resident Evil series was reported last summer, but now it seems more information has come to light. JoBlo's horror section Arrow in the Head has received some updates on the production of Resident Evil 4.

Paul Anderson wrote the screenplay but he is not coming back to direct. RELATED: Resident Evil Live-Action TV Show Cast Announced at Netflix

The screenplay is more akin to RE2 in terms of style, but with better dialogue. The overall tone is also very dark.

There's enough hand to hand fights in the script for them to bring in a martial arts choreographer.

Patrick Tatopoulos (Resident Evil: Extinction) will be in charge of the creature effects and they will have a new Special FX supervisor (in terms of the the practical effects) - Michael Lantieri (Jurassic Park III)

The script is complete (they're at Draft 2)) and they're going to start casting before making any more script changes.

So far, they will be filming in Toronto and Tokyo. Toronto will actually front for Alaska.

They will be hiring a director once they have Milla officially signed back on.

We'll definitely keep you posted on any new developments surrounding this fourth film.