After being delayed due to Milla Jovovich's pregnancy, Resident Evil: The Final Chapter is finally ready to roll, with production beginning later this week. To tease her return as Alice, the actress has posted two new photos on Instagram. The first shows off Alice's chest wounds, which aren't as bad as expected. Just some minor bruising and scratches. The second photo is a costume tag, which confirms what we've suspected all along. That Alice really is the hero of this franchise.

It isn't known exactly what day shooting will begin on Resident Evil: The Final Chapter, but Milla Jovovich will let us know as soon as the first slate is cracked. Production prep on the 6th installment of the long-standing series began several weeks ago in South Africa, with the actress and her husband, director Paul W.S. Anderson both on location. Milla Jovovich has appeared in every single live-action Resident Evil movie, with Resident Evil: The Final Chapter bringing Alice's story to a close 14 years after Resident Evil first hit theater screens in 2002.

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In August of 2014, Milla Jovovich and her husband and director Paul W.S. Anderson announced Resident Evil: The Final Chapter was being delayed as they awaited the arrival of their second child together. Shooting will still take place in Cape Town, South Africa as originally planned, along with several other locations. This is Paul W.S. Anderson's fourth time directing a Resident Evil movie. He skipped out on the second and third films, 2004's Resident Evil: Apocalypse, and 2007's Resident Evil: Extinction, though he did collaborate on the screenplays for those movies. He returned in 2010 to direct Resident Evil: Afterlife, and he helmed the previous installment, 2012's Resident Evil: Retribution. Parts 5 and 6 were meant to be shot back-to-back, but those plans were scrapped early in the process.

Not only is Milla Jovovich returning to play Alice for a 6th and final time, she will be joined by Wentworth Miller, reprises his role as Chris Redfield from Part 4, Resident Evil: Afterlife. Li Bingbing is expected to return as Ada Wong. Sienna Guillory and Spencer Locke round out the cast. With shooting happening soon, we can expect more casting announcements for the sequel in the coming days. It was announced in early August that Ali Larter will return to portray Claire Redfield. She previously appeared in 2007's Resident Evil: Extinction and 2010's Resident Evil: Afterlife.

There aren't too many plot details released for this sequel just yet. Resident Evil is the highest grossing franchise based on a video game, a record it will likely hold for quite sometime. It has brought in over $915 million at the worldwide box office, and Resident Evil: The Final Chapter will probably be the biggest sequel in the series yet. The film is being positioned as one of the biggest to hit in the winter of 2017. Can you wait more than a year to see these lips back in action? If not, at least you have this nice photo to keep you company!