Get ready for a new adventure in the Umbrella Corporation at the end of the year. Resident Evil: Degeneration will be released on DVD and Blu-ray on December 30. The standard disc will be priced at $27.96 while the Blu-ray will be priced at $39.95 SRP. This new animated film stars the voices of Alyson Court, Paul Mercier, Christy Hall and Mike Mahaffey.


A zombie attack brings chaos to Harvardville Airport. Leon S. Kennedy and Claire Redfield, former special forces members during the Raccoon City tragedy 7 years ago, are back. In high-octane Resident Evil style, they're ready to battle a rogue warrior who is seeking revenge after his family was killed in Raccoon City. The deadly G-Virus is unleashed and a new mutated monster goes on the rampage. Will Claire and Leon be able to terminate the virus before history repeats itself?

Special Features:

- The Generation of DEGENERATION featurette

- Character Profiles

- Voice Bloopers

- Leon Interview

- Resident Evil: Degeneration Trailers

- Resident Evil: Degeneration Tokyo Game Show Trailer

- Resident Evil 5 Special Footage

- Interactive Picture-in-Picture (Blu-ray only)

- Pop-Up Trivia Track (Blu-ray only)