In the wake of the Mexican presidential election debachle, I will let you know I had nothing to do with the craziness when I visited the set of Resident Evil: Extinction last week in Mexico City. I even had the chance to re-live another movie experience - I stayed at the Camino Real Hotel, the same hotel where they shot The Matador starring Pierce Brosnan and Greg Kinnear.

But back on the set of Resident Evil 3, I spoke with the star Milla Jovavich, who looked smokin' hot in her costume of a white tank top, a half way cut brown vest, and very short shorts. We also got the skinny on how she's become a more pivotal influence on her character of Alice.

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Producer Jeremy Bolt gave us a little background into this film and what they're looking forward to for the fourth movie in the franchise. Apparently, he and writer, Paul W.S. Anderson, are already working on that - taking to Alaska or Japan. They're bringing a few characters from this film over to that one - Albert Wesker, Chris Redfield, and of course Alice will be back - hope that doesn't spoil anything for ya on this one.

Oded Fehr was also on set; we spoke with him about coming back for his second film in the series (returning from RE 2). He was wearing a very interesting Army-like outfit, equipped with gigantic elbow pads.

Newcomer, Spencer Locke was at first a little shocked to be sitting with a group of journies, but she quickly warmed up and told us how excited she was to be able to handle guns - even getting the opportunity to shoot a zombie. It's quite a change from her teen-type role on Nickelodeon's Phil of the Future and Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide, where her only action is being a teenager.

Finally, we were graced with Ali Larter, whose last day shooting was the one day we were on set - how lucky were we! She told us what it was like to be part of this franchise and how much she enjoys these kinds of movies. She had just arrived on set, so she was still in her street clothes; she did mention her costume is a little less revealing than Milla's, but still in the Army motif.

Check out more from the set of Resident Evil: Extinction when we bring you the full stories with the cast and crew. The film comes out sometime next year.