In Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, the Medcare Skin Centre was surprised to find out that their logo looks exactly like the Umbrella Corporation's logo from Resident Evil. The Umbrella Corporation in the Resident Evil franchise was a giant conglomerate, which operated ruthlessly as a front-runner in international dealings of pharmaceuticals and medical equipment as well as a top-secret operation in the engineering of genetics and biological weapons. Not exactly the first thing that pops up when one thinks of skincare. The company swears it's a coincidence, but the logo is almost exactly the same.

Reddit user Gentlemansincebirth pointed out that the Umbrella logo is featured prominently all over their website, like you would expect any good logo to be. But it's pretty humorous to see the evil logo next to smiling employees and patients and the logo is identical, even down to the coloring. Medcare's Facebook Page claims to be surprised about all of the attention that they have received and also mentioned that they "hired a third party" to design their logo. If this is true, it sounds like the Medcare Skin Centre has been trolled pretty hard.

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Reddit is currently on fire over the "coincidence" and one user, beanxinth states that "Actually It is in my country. And they're currently pushing some advertising campaign ... The cosmetic industry in my country is quite atrocious which even cause some dead so I won't be surprised if they try to reanimate some of their customer." I cannot verify if the Reddit user is indeed from Vietnam, but that's a perfect response to this situation. The company says that they are working internally to figure out how this happened to quickly find a solution so that they can get back to helping their patients. However, a few eagle-eyed Redditors did discover that you can Google "cool logos" and the Umbrella Corporation pops up on the 2nd page of searches.

Online graphic design can be done super cheap these days and I wonder if the company just went to the popular website Fiver to have their logo created. Businesses looking for logos or promotional videos can literally pay someone $5 to $10 to come up with a custom logo or video of varying degrees of quality. This is just pure speculation on my part. But then again, copyright laws can get a little murky overseas. Either that or the Medcare Skin team has much more devious things going on behind the scenes.

This is real life. It's a real company who maybe just happened to make a bad decision over a logo. Medcare Skin Centre is claiming that it was not done on purpose, but how would we all know? We'll never know the actual truth unless the "third party" design firm, if there really is such a firm, comes forth to spill the beans. But until then, we can all have a good chuckle over the Resident Evil Umbrella Corporation logo being used to treat patients with skin ailments.