The Resident Evil movie reboot continues to come together as new cast members have been added to the growing ensemble. Leading the way is Donal Logue, who will be bringing yet another classic character from the early video games to the big screen. The former Gotham star has been cast as Chief Irons. Meanwhile, filming on the upcoming adaptation has quietly gotten underway, which puts it on a path to arrive sometime in 2021.

According to a new report, Donal Logue joins the cast as production has begun. Other new cast members include Chad Rook (The Flash) and Lily Gao (The Handmaid's Tale) who have boarded the movie in unspecified supporting roles. As had been previously announced, the cast also includes Kaya Scodelario as Claire Redfield, Robbie Amell as Chris Redfield, Hannah John-Kamen as Jill Valentine, Tom Hopper as Albert Wesker, Avan Jogia as Leon S. Kennedy and Neal McDonough as William Birkin.

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Specific plot details are largely being kept under wraps for the time being. However, the reboot will take place in 1998 and will be an origin story. It will focus on the night when everything went wrong in Raccoon City. This is territory that was largely unexplored in the previous iteration of the Resident Evil franchise, which kicked off in 2002, led by Milla Jovovich. Directed by Paul W.S. Anderson, the movies collectively earned more than $1.2 billion at the box office, making it the most successful video game movie franchise to date. Resident Evil: The Final Chapter was released in 2017.

Johannes Roberts (47 Meters Down, Strangers: Prey at Night) is in the director's chair for the reboot. Constantine Film is behind the production. There is no word yet on who they will partner with for distribution. But with this cast, it seems likely that interest will be high and the project should have no trouble finding its way into the world, be it through a streaming service or a theatrical release.

This is far from the only project in the works currently based on the classic Capcom video game series. Netflix also has a live-action Resident Evil TV show in the works, in addition to an animated series titled Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness. It remains unclear if the movie will be in any way tied to what Netflix is developing or if we will have two different versions of the franchise taking place at the same time.

Donal Logue is a seasoned actor who has had a long, varied career. Aside from starring on all five seasons of the DC series Gotham, some of his credits include Blade, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, Vikings and Sons of Anarchy. Brian Irons, in the Resident Evil video games, was Raccoon City's last Chief of Police. He was a major antagonist in both Resident Evil 2 and The Darkside Chronicles. So it's possible Logue could be making a villain turn. We'll be sure to keep you posted as any further details on the project are made available. This news comes to us via Deadline.