Another new Resident Evil movie is coming out, but this one doesn't star Milla Jovovich. Yes, 2017 will see the release of another live-action Resident Evil movie but there is also a new CG movie set in that universe called Resident Evil: Vendetta. Now the first trailer has landed online.

Resident Evil: Vendetta is set to be released in Japan next year and the first trailer has been uploaded to YouTube, giving us our first look at the third CG Resident Evil movie. The first, Resident Evil: Degeneration came out in 2008, followed by Resident Evil: Damnation in 2012. This new movie will be taking place in the video game universe after the events of Resident Evil 6 and before the events of the upcoming Resident Evil 7: Biohazard.

This new CG Resident Evil movie will feature characters from the video game series including Leon Kennedy, Chris Redfield, and Rebecca Chambers. The trailer looks like something straight out of the video games and features the Spencer Mansion, as made famous by the original Resident Evil game. It probably doesn't hurt that Capcom, who is responsible for the games, is directly involved in this new movie.

In one form or another, the Resident Evil franchise has been insanely popular and very persistent. The original video game came out two decades ago in 1996 and has spawned a ton of sequels as well as the CG movies based on the video games. The live-action Resident Evil movies have been very successful and have easily been the most successful video game movie franchise of all-time. To date, the Resident Evil movies have made nearly $1 billion at the worldwide box office, and the upcoming Resident Evil: The Final Chapter will easily push it over that mark. Most critics and many fans aren't overly fond of the live-action franchise and though the CG movies haven't done much at the box office, they have been generally more well received by die-hard fans.

Resident Evil: Vendetta was written by Makoto Fukami and directed by Takanori Tsujimoto. Hiroyuki Kobayashi, who is a producer on the Resident Evil video game series as well as an associate producer on the movies is also serving as supervising producer. Takashi Shimizu, creator of The Grudge, is executive producing the movie. As of right now, the movie is set to debut in Japan in the spring, but there is no word on an international release. Be sure to check out the trailer for Resident Evil: Vendetta for yourself below.