Alien: Last month FilmJerk reported that 20th Century Fox intends to re-release in theaters for the film's 25th Anniversary. Today FilmJerk has confirmed that the film will indeed be hitting theaters again on October 31st, 2004, but this time with a ton of restored footage! Take a look: has learned, through contacts within Fox Films, that the film will be getting most, if not all, of the cut footage restored back into the narrative. Final details are still being worked out, but our source tells us the film's soundtrack will also be remastered to take advantage of today's digital cinema sound formats, and will be positioned as a major fall release, to play on over 2,000 screens. RELATED: Hasbro Celebrates Aliens 35 Anniversary with Nerf LMTD M41A Pulse Blaster

Our source also tells us that, should this rerelease become successful, like the "Star Wars" trilogy and "Exorcist" rereleases, tentative plans have already been set to release James Cameron's restored cut of "Aliens" into theatres next spring.