With the time clicking down until the coveted HD DVD players make their debut in the marketplace (March 28th, 2006), it seems that not all the information is adding up for the retail outlets. Video Business reports that the stores that Toshiba enlisted to help them with the launch of the new players are finding it hard to put their best "merchandising" foot forward. "We're getting different stories," an entertainment specialist told Video Business. "We had two vendors within two hours tell us two different things about the availability of [high-def products]. We do sell some hardware, and we're trying to get hold of some of the players. And we want to know where the [software] units are and what that allocation will be. But what we've heard is slim." Retailers are currently at a loss for why more HD DVD software isn't being "bundled" with the player like it was when DVDs were first introduced. Others feel that since there isn't one standardized format, the manufacturers don't want to reveal "what cards they are holding." Another problem that is cropping up is that HD DVDs are only going to be available where the players are being sold, however, places selling the hardware are being kept in the dark about "how many discs to expect, when they might arrive and what the suggested list prices will be."