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The Lord Of The Rings: The Return Of The King: Ian McKellen recently spoke with Empire Online about the progress of ROTK. Word comes straight from Peter Jackson himself:

"I've got a little secret to tell you," he whispered in Empire Online's ear. "In an e-mail I got just now from Peter Jackson, I asked if he was coming tonight and he said 'no,' he can't but he's recorded a video message and then he put a PS at the bottom. It said: 'And Return of The King is looking very, very good!' So, I tell you, if Peter Jackson's boasting how good the third film is now, then we'd all better watch out!"

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The Hobbit: Peter Jackson has been rambling about the prequel to the Lord Of The Rings trilogy again. This time, during an interview with the Sydney Morning Herald he updated his enthusiasm for such a project to occur:

"Part of me would love to have somebody else make The Hobbit, so I could watch it as an audience member," Jackson says. "On the other hand, it would feel odd. Nobody has asked me to do it, but if they did, I would give it serious consideration."

Ocean's Twelve: A recent interview with Steven Soderbergh has him talking about the apparent pay cuts he and others involved in the film will have to take in order for the film to get made:

"When we were coming back from doing press in December 2001, I asked everybody if the idea of a sequel appealed and they were cool. But they had to make a promise: that is, we're gonna be the first sequel in history that costs exactly the same as the first one. And since the scale of the sequel's gonna be even bigger, they're all gonna have to take an even bigger pay cut than last time. I think somebody needs to do this - stop the idea that the second one has to be more expensive."

The Dirt: According to Rolling Stone, MTV is planning to create a film based on the autobiography of Heavy Metal band Motely Crue. Eyeing a release in 2004, the adaptation of The Dirt: Confessions of the World's Most Notorious Rock Band looks to get all the bells and whistles it deserves:

"The next step is picking the director and producer, and to see who's going to be in the movie," says Crue bassist Nikki Sixx. "That's the part that makes me the most nervous." Sixx's early favorite to play him is Jackass star Johnny Knoxville. "He told me he wants to do it," Sixx says. "I felt pretty comfortable thinking about him doing it after I walked outside from the meeting at Paramount and he was peeing on the tire of some executive. He has the right attitude."

Snake Plisskin Anime: A scooper over at Ain't Cool News reports back from the Creation Convention in Pasedena with news of a proposed Anime starring Snake Plisskin from Escape From New York/LA:

"The woman from Production IG said that not only are they working on it, but this would actually be the first co-production between a Japanese anime studio and American producers. I'm guessing that's what the guys from Maverick were doing there. They said they were looking for a 2005 release and that everyone was very excited. Debra Hill said that different Snake stories would be told through different mediums. The anime will take place after Escape from LA, while the comic will start the day after Escape from New York. Stories like how Snake lost his eye and the Battle of Leningrad will come out in the videogame. She also said that Fabian Nicieza is writing the books."

Star Trek Nemesis:Star Trek Nemesis executive producer talked to Sci Fi Wire about the uncertainty of the franchise's future:

"There's no way of telling what happened," Berman said in an interview. "I'm convinced that we made a very good movie, and I'm also convinced that the movie was promoted properly." Berman added, "I thought the trailers and the television spots were all excellent. It's easy to blame that sort of thing, but I don't think we can in this situation. I think that the competition of other films may have played some part in it, but I can't be certain of that, either. It's very, very hard to tell."

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