Lord Of The Rings: The Return Of The King: Apparently a reader over at TheOneRing.net has claimed to have seen a trailer for Return Of The King. Well, just as you'd suspect, the report is false, and Moriarty over at Ain't It Cool has debunked the rumor by getting hold of reps at New Line himself to clear the matter up who claim there is absolutely NO TRAILER for the third Lord Of The Rings film yet.

Stay tuned to Lights Out...we'll let you know when it really happens!

Terminator 3: Rise Of The Machines:The official website has confirmed that the new T3 will appear before The Matrix Reloaded which hits theaters on May 15th!

The Alamo: A detailed plan of events in the film has been reported online. CLICK HERE

The Mummy 3: Entertainment writers Marilyn Beck and Stacy Jenel Smith recently got some news about a possible 3rd Mummy film without Bredan Fraiser and Rachel Weisz:

The duo says that the latest concept being unwound for the third film would have ancient King Imhotep waking up "in contemporary times, with new stars" according to "The Mummy" himself, Arnold Vosloo. Vosloo notes that Brendan and Rachel were last seen with a kid in The Mummy Returns, and if they were to come back for more "Mummy" duty, questions about aging their characters would have to be addressed. On the other hand, "In a weird way, we've kind of done that period," observes Vosloo of the two films set in the 1920s. "Taking the story to a different time would open up all new possibilities. It could even be set in the 1950s or '60s -- whenever the Mummy wakes up."

Thanks to Coming Soon! for the scoop!

Riddick: The Pitch Black sequel begins shooting in Vancouver in two weeks. Sci-Fi Wire recently caught up with star, Vin Diesel to talk about reprising his breakout role:

After difficulty with the contact lenses in the predecessor movie, Pitch Black, Diesel ordered a new set for the sequel. "We've upgraded from hard lenses to soft," Diesel said in an interview.

Diesel said that he had a hand in the development of the film, influencing even the scientific explanations for the film's villainous creatures. "[I've been] creating creature characteristics and attributes you won't see until scene two or scene three and researching on the Internet to explain negative matter: where these villains come from, these Necromongers," he said. "[We have to explain] their scientific existence."

Diesel added, "We're going to create this huge universe. And I'm excited about exploring this character's purpose in this universe and what his whole deal is."

Hellraiser: Hellworld: It seems Lance Henricksen will star in the next Hellraiser film.

Freddy vs. Jason: The boys over at the Diabolical Dominion have scored a look at an official call sheet from the film which depicts one of the key action sequences! CLICK HERE

Starship Troopers 2: The director, Jon Davidson, talked to Moviehole recently about the straight to video release of Starship Troopers 2:

"This installment of Starship is being kept low budget for an excellent reason; to provide a comfort level for Sony so that they will hire Phil Tippett as the director. Phil and I have worked together off and on since Dante's "Piranha". He sculpted the title character, ran the fish factory, executed many of the effects on location and was an all around great guy. Over the years we've tried to work together as a producer/director team but I've never been able to make that happen until now. The key was the low budget. Sony is getting a huge bargain on the visual effects in exchange for allowing Phil to helm the film. We will also need lots of help from the talented folks in Phil's shop to make it happen and be visually exciting. It really has to be a labor of love to pull it off for next to no money."

Thanks to 'Clint'

Walk The Line:MTV.com is reporting that Joaquin Phoenix and Reese Witherspoon are in talks to star in a film about legendary musician Johnny Cash:

Phoenix will play the Man in Black in "Walk the Line," with Witherspoon along as Cash's wife and bandmate, June Carter. James Mangold ("Girl, Interrupted"), who co-wrote the script and will direct, is reportedly working closely with Cash and Carter.

The Box: According to AICNCabin Fever creator, Eli Roth, and Donnie Darko creator, Richard Kelly, will soon be teaming up for a very interesting horror project which only these 2 ingenius minds could bring you:

"Rich and I are totally in sync creatively. Donnie Darko is 99% bunny man, 1% Evil Dead and Cabin Fever is 99% Evil Dead and 1% bunny man. He puts the chocolate in my peanut butter."

Hellboy: Selma Blair recently talked with MTV.com about her upcoming role in the comic adaptation, Hellboy:

"I play Elizabeth Sherman," Blair said. "When I'm about 11, I kill my entire family and town. I'm a fire-starter. I have these supernatural, telekinetic powers. The kids all make fun of me. I'm always a bit different. And this rage and sadness lead me to self-combust and I burn up my entire town. I'm a good girl. And that's my tragic flaw — I've killed everyone I loved. I'm this tragically flawed superhero, in a way, when I'm taken in by the government to help them with their research on paranormal phenomena."

Blair's character grows up in a government program, where she meets Hellboy. "I live with Hellboy and some other people that have these powers and are in this secret division, helping the government with the baddies," she continued.

A self-confessed "Richie Rich" girl, Blair missed out on the "cooler" comics as a kid, but she's since caught up.{@@@[email protected]@@}{@@@[email protected]@@}"I've read all the 'Hellboy' comics now," the actress explained. "[Liz] is always around in the comics, but she is more in the movie, being the only woman. It's just a great energy to have with all these guys. But the comics are beautiful. Mike Mignola [is] one of the best artists. And [director] Guillermo Del Toro is certainly doing him justice. This has been in his heart and soul for a couple of years. I know he directed 'Blade II' primarily to show the studio what he's made of with special effects. The movie is very dark, but very full of hope."

The Hulk: Stan Lee recently talked to Filmfreak Radio about his cameo in the upcoming comic book flick:

"I’ve already done it. They were filming in San Rafiel California, that’s near where George Lucas has his place, and yes I was up there about two or three days ago and I did my major scene, on which of course the whole movie hinges, and it was a lot of fun....When I shot the scene, my little scene, he (the Hulk) was supposed to be coming out of the sky and jumping down and landing right next to me, and then taking off again, and I’m supposed to look real scared and I was looking scared at nothing because there was no Hulk, he will be added later. It was really funny, there was a man holding a long stick and I was told to look at - the stick was about 10 feet high or so - I was told to look at the top of the stick ‘cause that’s where the Hulk’s head would be when he landed so I was acting scared". Lee also confirmed he won't be appearing in "X2" as "I don’t think I’m gonna have cameos in the sequels ‘cause I think that gets to be a little much. I’m hoping I can have a cameo in the first movie of each character"

In addition, a report of the footage shown at ShoWest is up at Cinescape. CLICK HERE

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Superman: More Superman junk to throw into the ever grinding rumor mill today, thank to a reader at Dark Horizons:

"My department on the lot has been receiving some weird signals from above. This thing you've been hearing between Director Brett Ratner and Producer Jon Peters is true. Ratner was supposed to be a talent magnet, and failed. Peters, who I've never met but I hear rumors he has a real rage problem is really up his ass about everything. Ratner's staying, though D.O.P. Dante Spinotti may not, however that's not the issue.

Apparently, though, the part has been offered to an unspecified number of "name" actors after the now public Josh Hartnett deal. I don't know which ones declined it, but now they've got a new guy lined up in case the rest of the names decline - Jeremy Lister. I don't mean to dangle anything, but I honestly only know two things: his name (above) and his nationality (Australian). (Editor's Note: Never heard of him myself and can't find a listing - if he's a newcomer he's a REAL newcomer).

One more thing. There's been some budget talk and yeah - they're getting started in November. The number I'm HEARING is $170, but that's probably pretty rough. They don't have a real figure yet, since there's no star attached"

Stay tuned...