It seems the House on Haunted Hill is returning to but this effort will be straight to DVD!

In press release from Marketwire, they announce that the post production facility PrimEdge, Inc. has "completed" it's work on the sequel to 1999's The House on Haunted Hill.

The title of this new film will be Return to the House on Haunted Hill.

In an interview in iF Magazine with Joel Silver, who is producing Return to the House on Haunted Hill (he also produced the 1999 effort), he says that people shouldn't think ill of the film simply because it's going straight to DVD.

"It's a direct to video title, and that's a good place to have a sequel for that film." Silver states. "I think if we look at these different distribution systems to have different ways then a direct to video title being a sequel could be a good idea. If that one works maybe I'll make sequels to a lot of these movies as straight to home video."