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Based on Universal Pictures' phenomenally popular Mummy films which have grossed nearly $1 billion worldwide, Universal Studios and "Mummy" writer-director Stephen Sommers have collaborated to create one of the world's fastest indoor roller coasters. Heralding a new era in thrill rides and breaking new ground as the first indoor ride in history to fuse roller coaster technology, high-speed roller coaster engineering, CGI and other movie-based immersive storytelling techniques, "Revenge of the Mummy-The Ride" hurtles guests - in backwards and forwards motion and in utter darkness - through authenticated Egyptian catacombs and into the spine-tingling world of the "Mummy" movies.

Universal Studios’ “Revenge of the Mummy -- The Ride” marks an unparalleled collaboration between a director of major motion pictures and designers of theme park rides and attractions. Visionary filmmaker Stephen Sommers, who wrote and directed The Mummy: and The Mummy Returns blockbusters joins Universal Studios as Creative Consultant to the theme park’s adrenaline-producing roller coaster “Revenge of the Mummy -- The Ride,” adding a new dimension to his successful “Mummy” franchise.

In 1999, Stephen Sommers captivated filmgoers the world over with his frightening, re-visioning of Universal’s classic horror movie “The Mummy.” Starring Brendan Fraser (as devil-may-care American adventurer Rick O’Connell), Rachel Weisz (as plucky English Egyptologist Evelyn Carnahan) and Arnold Vosloo (as the eternally evil Imhotep), The Mummy: and it' sequel The Mummy Returns would go on to gross almost a billion dollars worldwide, making it one of the most successful film franchises in Hollywood history.

“Revenge of the Mummy -- The Ride” opens this Friday, June 25, 2004 at Universal Studios Hollywood.

Ten years in research and development, the indoor thrill ride will integrate design concepts by visionary filmmaker Stephen Sommers, who reinvigorated the classic Universal monster film “The Mummy” in 1999’s worldwide smash and its even more popular sequel in 2001, both of which he wrote and directed.

The introduction of “Revenge of the Mummy -- The Ride” coincides with Universal Studios Hollywood’s 40th Anniversary. As the Hollywood landmark enters its fifth decade, the arrival of this ground-breaking thrill ride signals a milestone in the transformation of what was first conceived as a “behind the scenes look at Hollywood filmmaking” into a world-class entertainment destination. The movie-based theme park has fully evolved from its Studio Tour beginnings by adding rides and attractions that employ the latest in both movie and theme park technologies and offer both local and visiting guests a uniquely immersive entertainment experience.

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Universal Studios Hollywood is the world’s largest movie studio and theme park. Featuring such unique and ground-breaking attractions as “Revenge of the Mummy -- The Ride,” “Shrek 4-D,” “Terminator 2: 3D,” “Jurassic Park -- The Ride” and the world-renowned behind-the-scenes “Studio Tour".