Fox Atomic has halted production of the Revenge of the Nerds remake.

The studio says Emory University in Atlanta, where the film was shooting, balked at the raunchy nature of the project. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the $12.5 million film, from director Kyle Newman, had only been shooting for two weeks, and while Atomic still is assessing the losses on the project, the studio indicated that all members of the production team had been paid to date for their time.

Once the production was kicked off Emory's campus, the film moved to neighboring school Agnes Scott College in Decatur, Ga., but the smaller college lacked the large-scale campus feel that the movie's producers felt it called for. Once production was halted, it became a challenge for the studio to find another location acceptable for shooting, while continuing to pay an entire production crew for their time.

Fox Atomic is saying production of Revenge of the Nerds might be stopped for good.