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"This is a definite buy for Angel fans, and a possible rental for non-fans just curious about the series." - Dodd Alley

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"I definitely suggest a blind purchase for Darko fans, or gutsy film fanatics that have not yet seen the film." - Dodd Alley

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"I often wonder what might happen if movies like this weren’t made by a studio comittee. Basically, what kind of movies might we get if they weren’t developed to death." - Evan "Mushy" Jacobs

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"The Motorcycle Diaries is a beautifully directed picture that would crack my Top Ten of 2004." - Dodd Alley

Movie Picture Stay tuned for our official review of SAW, and don'f for get to check out this week's Soju After Movie for B. Alan Orange and the Soju army's FULL DVD commentary of the flick!