It took some time, but Guy Ritchie's latest will finally be available on DVD on this side of the pond.

Revolver, which was released theatrically in the UK in 2005 and finally got an American release last month, is coming to DVD on March 18. The disc will be priced at $24.96. The film stars Jason Statham, Ray Liotta and Vincent Pastore.

Just out of prison, Jake Green (Statham) is a hotshot gambler, but he's rarely allowed to play in any casino because he always wins. When Jake is invited to a private game with Macha (Liotta), a crime boss and local casino owner, he is expected to lose. But Jake isn't afraid of Macha, and not only beats him in a quick game of chance, but takes every possible opportunity to insult the man. Jake leaves the game, and Macha puts out the order for a hit on Jake, who ends up working for and being protected by a pair of loan sharks, Avi and Zack, who are out to take Macha down.

Special Features

- Director's Commentary with Guy Ritchie

- Featurette: The Concept

- Featurette: The Game: The Making of Revolver

- Featurette: Revolver: Making the Music

- Deleted Scenes

- Alternate Opening Sequence

- Alternate Ending

- Photo Gallery