One of the biggest questions about 2015's The Force Awakens was who are Rey's parents? Speculation and fan theories spread through the internet like wildfire. Is she Obi-Wan Kenobi's daughter? Is she Luke Skywalker's kid? Maybe her brother is Kylo Ren, therefore making Han Solo and Leia Organa her parents. The conversations would get heated and turned into bitter arguments as Star Wars fans all over the world wondered about Rey's lineage for 2 full years. But now, Star Wars: The Last Jedi has answered that question, crushing all of the popular fan theories and putting the question to rest for the time being. Obviously, MAJOR SPOILERS for The Last Jedi are ahead, so you have been warned.

The highly anticipated video game Star Wars: Battlefront 2 recently came out as a way to tie into some history between Return of the Jedi and The Force Awakens, leading players on a campaign as Iden Versio, the leader of the Inferno Squad. Iden defects from the Empire with Del Meeko and they end up in Jakku where they have a child. Many have speculated recently that the game would reveal Iden Versio and Del Meeko to be Rey's true parents, but that has now also proven to be false. Think about it: why would Lucasfilm have one of the biggest reveals in cinematic history included in a badly reviewed video game? Okay, one last time. MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD.

And now for the truth, Rey is a nobody from a nothing planet. As it turns out for now, she's just some random space orphan who was left behind. Rey spends a good chunk of the movie questioning who her parents are and where they are. Kylo Ren pushes Rey to believe that there is nothing special about her lineage and that her parents are never coming back. Her parents simply stepped off planet and never returned. Rian Johnson told fans that Rey's parents would not be the focus of The Last Jedi and to a certain extent, he was right.

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Rian Johnson and Daisy Ridley let fans know early on that Rey's parents would not be a big deal for The Last Jedi and they were being honest, trying to get people away from that storyline. The Last Jedi was able to surprise and Rey's parents being nobody scum bags was about as big of surprise as you can get for those who led wild fan theories. The story is better because of it, which is more than I can say for Supreme Leader Snoke, but that will be left for another story. Just because Rey's parents are portrayed as nobodies, doesn't mean that Rey will not try and investigate further.

As far as The Last Jedi is concerned, Rey's parents are nobodies who abandoned their daughter on Jakku. That is all, no big reveal, and she's not the sister of Kylo Ren. Luke Skywalker is no longer the Last Jedi and the Resistance is about to get a lot stronger as hope begins to spread throughout the galaxy. Rey's nobody parents help to set up the events for Episode IX, so we'll just have to wait and see how J.J. Abrams decides to move the story along. Now who do we talk to about getting a refund for that weak Star Wars: Battlefront 2 campaign? You can explore more about Rey and her journey at

Kevin Burwick