Rhys Ifans, Chloe Sevigny and David Thewlis have climbed on board to star in Mr. Nice, writer-director Bernard Rose's adaptation of Howard Marks' 2002 best-selling autobiography, about his escapades as an international drug dealer and U.K. spy.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Ifans will play Britain's one-time most-wanted man, a late-'60s-era Oxford grad and teacher who turned to drug smuggling to impress his future wife Judy (Sevigny). While enlisting the help of an Irish Republican Army boss (Thewlis) for a job, he was recruited by a British intelligence officer for a loose network of informants.

The charming criminal assumed the alias Mr. Nice. After encounters with the Mafia and CIA and nearly 30 tons of pot smuggling, he spent seven years in prison.

No production date has been set.