The Amazing Spider-Man star Rhys Ifans has joined the cast of Madame Bovary for Occupant Entertainment and director Sophie Barthes (Cold Souls).

Mia Wasikowska stars as the title character, a married woman who tries to enhance her social status by having a number of extramarital affairs. Rhys Ifans will play Monsieur Lheureuse, a shifty merchant who convinces Bovary to buy goods on credit, which leads to her financial downfall. Paul Giamatti and Ezra Miller also star.

Sophie Barthes is directing from a screenplay by Rose Barreneche, which is adapted from the classic novel by Gustave Flaubert. The story is expected to be faithful to the book, while emphasizing more youthful and contemporary themes.

Joe Neurauter and Felipe Marino are producing, with shooting expected to begin next spring in Europe.