Director Rian Johnson, the man behind this Christmas's Star Wars: The Last Jedi, and Doctor Strange director Scott Derrickson had some good old-fashioned Twitter beef last night. The directors got into an argument about personal preference in the art of making movies. Which is a rally that should probably be saved for an in-person debate, not over social media. But that's not what happened as both directors traded barbs on Twitter to an audience of roughly 400,000 followers. It all started when Derrickson took to his Twitter account to declare this opinion.

"Cinema is emotion over technique. If you want technique paint a picture or even write a book. People go to the movies to be moved."
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Scott Derrickson's declaration may be more than a little pretentious, but it is his opinion. Rian Johnson, who clearly disagrees with this statement responds with a simple "What," like he can't believe what he just read. Let's just stop here for a second, does this need to go any further? Probably not, but this was just the start. I guess they didn't have anything else to do. After his initial monosyllabic response, Johnson shares his opinion. He says this.

"Your initial statement cast technique as the enemy of emotion, and I think that is the opposite of true."

Ok, both opinions shared. We're done here, right? Agree to disagree. Nope. Scott Derrickson decides to clarify himself (sort of). He says this.

"I defiantly don't think of it as the enemy of emotion, not at all. Perhaps the servant of emotion. Radical difference."

So Derrickson appears to be backpedaling a little here, so Johnson seizes the opportunity to point out the inconsistencies with the original declaration. Johnson goes onto declare this.

" Well duh. That's what I'm saying. Which is not what your original tweet said. Which is what I disagreed with."

Derrickson goes on to try and clarify his original declaration by stating the following.

"I said cinema is emotion over technique. Didn't mean to imply technique does not matter. Duh yourself."

Johnson went on to clarify to a fan the way that he felt. Read what he had to say below.

"I think Scott's tweet bugged me because it fell into the old lazy idea of artlessness equaling honest emotion. Which I think is wrong."

All right, agree to disagree guys. But the battle raged on, bringing even more people into the debate, with many questioning Derrickson's declaration that emotion is truly what matters in cinema, not technique. Funny enough, this is not Johnson's first Twitter beef. In October of 2015 Johnson and Duncan Jones (Warcraft) traded barbs about the merits of shooting on film. Duncan argued that shooting on film is "just vinyl for hipsters." Johnson fired back asking Duncan if he was filming Warcraft on an "iPhone 6 or iPhone 6s?"

This latest Twitter beef between the two directors seems to be all in good fun. Derrickson even went on to say that his kids "loved" Brick. Johnson's The Last Jedi is hotly anticipated and will come out on December 15th, 2017 while Derrickson is coming off of the massively successful Dr. Strange. You can read the witty Twitter battle in its entirety below.

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb
Kevin Burwick