Wrestling legend Ric Flair has had one of the longest and most colorful careers in sports entertainment. Flair has led the kind of life that would be ripe for an entertaining biopic, and as he revealed on an episode of the podcast Busted Open, just such a Ric Flair Biopic is in the works with Dwayne Johnson's production company Seven Bucks Productions.

"I talked to Dwayne Johnson and Dany Garcia and Hiram Garcia and they're gonna collaborate, the last time I heard, for all this stuff and make a movie with the WWE about me with Sue Levison, who now is with WWE and is doing a fabulous job. Sue's got a great background. As soon as everything gets rolling again after that, they'll make that movie. I am looking forward to that because I'll have a lot of input."

In the past few years, Johnson has branched out from his acting career and gotten into film production as well. Under his company banner, Johnson has co-produced most of the films he stars in, in addition to movies like Shazam and Fighting with my Family. The latter movie in particular was of interest to wrestling fans since it was a biopic of WWE women's wrestling champion Paige and her journey to the biggest wrestling stage in the world.

Meanwhile, WWE has been churning out movies, games, and merchandise for decades off the back of their wrestling properties. A Ric Flair biopic made in collaboration with both WWE and Johnson's company would do full justice to his story.

Flair's career began with the American Wrestling Association in 1972. Arriving on the professional scene alongside such contemporaries as The Iron Sheikh and Andre the Giant, Flair quickly made a name for himself as a wrestler to watch out for.

Before long, WWE came calling, and Flair joined the company in 1991. That was the time of such wrestling legends as Hulk Hogan and The Undertaker, and Flair proved a natural addition to the lineup, usually playing heel characters who wore flashy robes, had a boastful personality, and his signature 'Whooo!' catchphrase that was endlessly referenced and recycled in pop culture.

Over the years, Flair took part in a number of feuds, both onscreen and off-screen, with such notable wrestlers as Bret Hart, Shane Douglas, and Mick Foley. Flair developed a notorious reputation for being willing to break the rules of the ring, which gave him the tag of the 'dirtiest player in the game'. This reputation followed Flair outside the ring as well, when he was issued an arrest warrant over an incident of road rage in Charlotte, North Carolina. He also started a financial business, which had to file for bankruptcy in 2008.

When the Ric Flair biopic eventually drops, it will find a ready-made audience of wrestling fans eager to learn about the details of Flair's long and checkered career. For now, Flair makes occasional returns to WWE, in the capacity of a guest, or to cheer on his daughter, wrestler Charlotte Flair. This news comes from Busted Open podcast.

Neeraj Chand