Ricci: Actress Christina Ricci will costar with Ewan McGregor in Borgia for director Neil Jordan.

Kingsley and Connelly: Oscar winner Jennifer Connelly and nominee Ben Kingsley will star in the feature adaptation of House of Sand and Fog. The novel gained acclaim when it was added to Oprah Winfrey's book club.

Sony: Sony Pictures. have petitioned the Motion Picture Association of America and various theater owners for permission to run 5 minutes of trailers on the studios release of Spider-Man.

T3: Actor Nick Stahl (In The Bedroom), has officially taken over the role of John Connor in the next Terminator film, which is being called Terminator 3: The Rise of the Machines, and is being directed by Jonathan Mostow.

Carrey: Jim Carrey, after another dismal box office answer to his drama The Majestic, is returning to familiar territory with writer Steve Oedekerk and director Tom Shadyac, the team that made him a star with the Ace Ventura series. The project, titled Bruce Almighty, concerns a man who constantly questions God, and is given almighty powers for 24 hours so God can show him how hard it is to oversee the world. Great Jim Carry-esque comedy ensues as the man first misuses, then struggles to harness the powers.

From Somewhere on the Beach... ~Jane Doe