Lethal Weapon 5: According to the German MSN website, director Richard Donner, who has spent a big portion of his career creating the Lethal Weapon films, recently told the outlet that he would be keen on the idea of making a 5th "Lethal" film if Mel Gibson was up for reprising his role as 'Martin Riggs'...

"It's up to Mel," Donner said.

"If he says yes then there's another Lethal Weapon. I have a great story, I'd love to do it and put Lethal Weapon to bed."

The Lethal Weapon films are one of the most profitable movie franchises in Hollywood history, making a combined $US500 million ($A660 million) at the US box office.

The first film was made in 1987 and the fourth in 1998.

Donner said he would not be involved in Lethal Weapon 5 unless Gibson took part.

"If they want to go and make it without Mel well, go ahead and be my guest but it's not for me. Mel is Lethal Weapon," he said.

Donner has not written a Lethal Weapon 5 script, however, he has a story in his head.

"It was hard for Mel to do Lethal 4. It was really hard on him. For Lethal Weapon 5 it would have to be a story that would be worthwhile, but I think maybe there is something out there."