Superman and Goonies 2: A reader over at Dark Horizons has transcribed the key points of a speech made by director Richard Donner at a recent presentation of the original Superman film in LA. Here's what he had to say the film being remade as well as some new bits on the Goonies sequel...

"He isn't too thrilled with the idea of making a new Superman movie. He feels it was already done so why do it again. Unlike Lucas, he was and still is very happy with the special effects. Despite the fact they are over 25 years old they hold up. I know many people kinda grinned at the model shots of the raging river approaching the homes that Superman saves. You just go with what you got and enjoy it. He touched upon Superman II and his involvement but no talk about the possiblity of a new Donner cut RELATED: Michael B. Jordan's Val-Zod Superman Limited Series in Development at HBO Max?

As for Goonies II, "Afraid not." Donner told the audience after someone shouted out for Goonies II. He said they tried but didn't live up to the original so no Goonies. Now, he said no but I don't know if it means it will never happen. He may have said he's out of the chair but it doesn't mean another director, ie Sean Astin, couldn't take over. I guess we'll have to wait and see.

He said his next project may be a western written by Brian Helgeland. I wonder, there were stories a ways back that Helgeland was writing a new western for Clint Eastwood. Hmmm, could this be it? Donner, Eastwood, Helgeland? Imagine the possibilities".