Rick Yune has signed on for the antagonist in Ninja Assassin, the Wachowskis-produced action film that James McTeigue is directing for Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, also boarding the production are Naomie Harris as the female lead and Ben Miles.

The martial arts extravaganza stars Korean actor-singer Rain, who also appears in the siblings' Speed Racer, as a man brought up in an orphanage functioning as a ninja farm. The man turns his back on his tradition to make his way in the modern world, which brings him into conflict with a ninja (Yune) from the clan.

"Not to give too much away, (but) my character stays within what he was brought up with, and they go up against each other," Yune said. "I'm not a heavy. The characters are ninjas, they are assassins, and there's this mix of morality the Wachowskis are exploring."