Over the past few days, the entertainment community has lost legends such as Carrie Fisher and George Michael, but fans are also mourning the loss of another talented entertainer who might not be quite as well known. Ricky Harris, a comedian and actor who may be best known for playing Malvo on the TV series Everybody Hates Chris, passed away after suffering a heart attack. While he may not have been a household name, he had a huge impact on the hip-hop community, with several prominent hip-hop artists paying their respects through social media.

The Hollywood Reporter confirmed the actor passed away from a heart attack through his manager, Cindy Ambers. The actor's manager also revealed to other news outlets such as the Los Angeles Times that her client had another heart attack two years ago, although no other details about his passing were given. Ricky Harris grew up in Long Beach, California, and was a longtime childhood friend of rapper/actor Snoop Dogg, who delivered a heartfelt video message on Instagram after learning about Ricky Harris' death. Here's what he had to say below.

"Lost one of my dear friends today, Ricky Harris. A lot of you may know him as a comedian, but he was a really dear friend of mine. May he rest in peace. A Long Beach original. The first comedian to make it from Long Beach, the first entertainer to make it from Long Beach. My big brother, my homeboy, on his way to heaven now. Send out a prayer to Ricky Harris' family for me. Long Beach's finest."

Both Ricky Harris, the son of a preacher, and Snoop Dogg used to sing in the church choir together, while growing up in Long Beach. In 1993, Ricky Harris made his feature film debut in director John Singleton's Poetic Justice, and in that same year, he contributed his comedic talents to Snoop Dogg's breakthrough album "Doggystyle." While he didn't rap on the album, he provided the voices of various characters like DJ EZ Dicc, TaaDow, and Saul-T-Nutz in brief audio sketches on the album. Snoop Dogg also shared another video on Instagram, featuring a scene from the 2001 film Bones, with the rapper/actor revealing that Ricky Harris helped keep him calm on the set. Here's what Snoop Dogg had to say about the late actor below.

"This is a cold scene right here. This is my first starring role, Jimmy Bones. I was nervous as f--k, but Ricky Harris made me feel real comfortable because he's someone I was childhood friends with. He pulled me to the side and told me, 'Don't even act. Just do you.' It's one of the coldest scenes I've ever been in right here, and I'm blessed that I'm able to share it with my main man Ricky Harris, rest in peace. Go ahead, Rick. Gone too soon. We're gonna celebrate your life."

Ricky Harris' other acting credits include Tales From the Hood, Heat, High School High, Father's Day, Hard Rain, Thick as Thieves, Simon Sez, Woman Thou Art Loosed, Not a Love Story, Boss'n Up, The Memory Thief, This Christmas, Dough Boys, Mr. Sandman, Battlefield America, Mid Life Gangster and last year's Dope. On the small screen, he had a five-episode stint on Moesha, along with roles in Fastlane, The Tracy Morgan Show, CSI: NY, NYPD Blue, ER, CSI: Miami, Everybody Hates Chris, Dark Blue, The Cape and, most recently The People vs O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story. Take a look at the social media tributes to Ricky Harris below.

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