Back in October, actor Vin Diesel revealed Riddick was nearing the start of production, although the sequel was shut down weeks later because of cash flow issues. Now it seems all has been resolved, and Riddick will resume shooting on December 28.

Michel Trudel, who owns the Montreal studio where Riddick was shooting, booted the cast and crew off the set when Vin Diesel's production company, One Race Films, fell behind on payments to the studio. Now Michel Trudel says the production company has paid up, and he will allow the sequel to continue production. It isn't known if the production company took on a new financing partner for Riddick, or where the new funds came from.

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David Twohy is directing Riddick from his own screenplay. Vin Diesel returns as the title character, and Karl Urban reprises his Vaako role from The Chronicles of Riddick. We reported last month that Katee Sackhoff, Bokeem Woodbine, Andreas Apergis, and Dave Bautista were offered roles in Riddick, although it isn't known if they have accepted yet.