Riddick TV: In a recent interview with Sci-Fi Wire, writer/director David Twohy talked about the possibility of a TV spin-off that might come from this whole franchise...

"They want to do a sort of Kyra, The Lost Years," Twohy said in an interview. "I'll be writing the story for that, just so that the expanding universe has a creative continuity to it, and it doesn't get too corporate and there are too many hands in the [project]." The proposed Kyra SCI FI Channel project "will be a two-hour pilot, followed by a series, based on the Jack/Kyra character and how she went in search for Riddick and trouble befell her along the way," Twohy said. The series would fill in the five years between the end of “Pitch Black” and the beginning of “The Chronicles of Riddick”.
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Just as well, Twohy also spoke about a key scene featuring actress Kristin Lehman as a character named 'Shirah', which was recently cut from the theatrical edit of The Chonicles of Riddick:

"There was a concern that, ... between the Judi Dench character, [Aereon,] who was a little mystical herself, and the Shirah character, played by Kristin, that there was just a little too mysticism going on, and that it didn't allow the audience to get grounded as much as we needed them to be to go forth and enjoy the movie," Twohy said in an interview. "I'd be interested in putting [it] back in the film [in a director's cut on DVD.] ... [She] helps tell him what it is to be a Furyan and helps introduce the notion that your origin is with a race called the Furyans."

The scene is the main cut—but not the only one—that may find its way back into a director's edit at some point, Twohy said. "[The] first version of the movie is ... two hours and 50 minutes long, and [the final cut is] two hours," he said. "So 50 minutes of footage fell by the wayside between the first cut and the last cut. But, ... guys, that is not that unusual in the business. I mean, very few movies can say 'We lost one scene, and that's it.' It's been my history where I will shoot a lot more than we use. ... But I must say that the version we have out now has a lot of drive. It has a lot of energy, and it feels like a good pace for a summer film. ... But, ... to finish your question, yeah, it feels like certainly the director's version would be longer by about 15 minutes."