Early this week, Ridley Scott revealed some important details about his upcoming Untitled Alien Prequel, which you can read here. Now, with the director out promoting his latest adventure Robin Hood, more information has surfaced in regards to the film. Scott confirmed to Collider what art director Roger Christian told us back in March: The Untitled Alien Prequel will be shot in 3D. Not only that, the director has not one, but two prequels planned in continuing on with this long running 20th Century Fox franchise. This is what the director had to say about the 3D:

"Of course, it'll be 3D. I could have converted Robin Hood. They'd said last October, I could have squeezed it under the hammer and got it in as a 3D version of Robin Hood."
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About the number of new Alien Prequel films he has planned, Ridley Scott replied:

"It'll be two. It'll be prequel one and two. Then Alien 1. At the moment I'm just trying to get the first one out."

To read more from this interview, be sure to check out the entire story on Collider.