Alien 20th Anniversary and Gladiator 2: At the recent press junkets for Matchstick Men which occurred in New York last week, director Ridley Scott actually talked about some of the details of Fox's 20th Anniversary theatrical re-release of Alien as well as some details on those Gladiator 2 rumors:

So this re-release of the beautiful digital print ALIEN The Directors Cut, is this theatrical re-release a fall out of "THE EXORCIST" or is it something you wanted to do for 20 years? RELATED: Alien TV Show Story Teased by Noah Hawley, Won't Focus on Ripley

Ridley: No, it's Fox [20th Century], it's a Fox thing. They wanted to do it, I mean they came in with the idea of re-release. I think they just look back at certain kinds of films like THE EXORCIST as only being seen once properly when you think about it. It's all about the quality of the film.

Have you gone back and added scenes?

Ridley: Yeah, there are some scenes that we took out earlier because the dynamics were correct, at the end of the movie the thing is really flying and we put this scene in but it kept coming to a halt. But it was a pretty good scene?

Can you elaborate a little bit about the scene?

Ridley: It's a scene lovingly called "THE NEST." Which is what happens when the bodies