Once Ridley Scott is done with his Alien spin-off Prometheus, the director hopes to switch gears and helm a biopic about Gertrude Bell, a photographer and spy during World War I. Scott is currently seeking The Constant Gardener's Jeffrey Caine to pen the screenplay.

Ridley Scott plans to produce this project with Giannina Facio through his Scott Free production house. The duo hopes to lock in a strong and powerful actress to play the complicated Gertrude Bell, who thrived during a tumultuous time period not kind to women.

Gertrude Bell was a well-to-do student from England who attended Oxford University before finding her calling in the desert, where she became a seminal figure in Middle Eastern politics before the start of World War I. She helped sort out the borders of Iraq after the fall of the Turkish Empire, and was rejected by her own government for advocating Arab self-rule.

Ridley Scott is also currently prepping a biopic on the Gucci family dynasty while he shoots Prometheus. It isn't known which of these two biopics will shoot first.