Samara's back! And in a big way. She will be headlining the long-awaited sequel to The Ring, with Rings in theaters next Friday. But before she starts scaring audiences, she is making the rounds on the press circuit, scaring up some publicity for the movie. No, she's not out chatting about her ghostly, ghastly thriller. Samara is literally crawling out of things to give everyone a good fright.

Last week, Samara showed up in a very clever Rings prank that saw the franchise villain crawling out of TV sets at an electronics store. We've included that video below as well, for anyone who missed it. But the real treat here comes from another prank on someone you might spend your mornings with. Anchor Natalie Morales.

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The first prank went viral and certainly helped drum up some hype for the impending horror movie. And Paramount wants to keep the fun and scares humming along. So they sent out their Samara actress for another early April Fools' joke. And this one is pretty great.

This time, Samara makes her presence known on the Today show. She quite literally gives Morales the fright of a lifetime. The long-haired apparition was hidden away on set, as co-host Matt Lauer presented a fake segment about airport security. Along with Natalie at his side, the two plan to discuss the 5 most ridiculous items often confiscated by airport security.

There are five suitcases placed on the floor of the studio in this video. Each one supposedly contains one of the five so-called items. The first case is revealed to contain rubber snakes. We don't get to see what is in carry-ons three through five though, because Samara Morgan comes crawling out of that second piece of luggage.The appearance of Samara certainly catches Morales by surprise, much to the delight of her co-workers and the audience. The official Today show youtube page says this.

"Poor Natalie Morales seems to be a favorite foil for pranks on TODAY, and on Thursday it happened again. Natalie thought she was participating in a segment about the wacky things people pack in their suitcases, until the creepy girl from the horror movie Rings unexpectedly emerged from one!"

In Rings, A young woman becomes worried about her boyfriend when he explores a dark subculture surrounding a mysterious videotape said to kill the watcher seven days after he has viewed it. She sacrifices herself to save her boyfriend and in doing so makes a horrifying discovery. There is a movie within the movie that no one has ever seen before.

You can check out the Rings prank in the video embed below. We also have the original prank. The creators of the upcoming film Rings set up this incredible practical joke. Watch as the terrifying girl from The Ring crawls out of a TV set to scare customers in an electronics store.