The producers of The Grudge present Rise: Blood Hunter, a terrifying new thriller starring Lucy Liu (Kill Bill), Michael Chiklis (Fantastic Four), Carla Gugino (Sin City) and James D'Arcy (Exorcist: The Beginning). Written and directed by Sebastian Gutierrez (Snakes on a Plane), Rise: Blood Hunter premiered at the 2007 Tribeca Film Festival's Midnight Screening. Liu stars as Sadie Blake, an investigative reporter who makes a pact with detective Clyde Rawlins, played by Chiklis, to seek revenge on a vampire cult that is taking over the city of Los Angeles. The DVD contains exclusive bonus features including four storyboard to screen comparisons and four behind-the-scenes featurettes including interviews with the Rise talent and crew. This intense thriller is available in both rated and unrated versions on DVD October 9 from Sony Pictures Home Entertainment for an SRP of $24.96. The unrated version includes over 25 minutes of never-before-seen footage.


Sadie Blake (Liu) is a tenacious reporter who stumbles upon a dark underground cult that is attracting the young Los Angeles in-crowd. Lured by the promise of wild parties, these hipsters start turning up dead, and when Sadie tries to get to the bottom of their grisly murders, she falls prey to the mastermind behind all the gruesome murders. She awakens in a morgue, neither dead nor alive, a vampire, consumed by an overwhelming craving for blood. Trying desperately to fight off her thirst, Sadie prowls the dark city streets, armed with a crossbow and hell-bent on slaying the horrific vampires and their ring leader when she finds an unlikely ally in Detective Clyde Rawlins (Chiklis), a police investigator distraught over the loss of his only daughter to the cult. He crosses paths with Sadie in his investigation, and the two are unstoppable until they've exacted their revenge.

DVD Features:

- Four Storyboard to Screen Comparisons

- Four Behind-the-Scenes mini featurettes including interviews with the Rise: Blood Hunter talent and crew

Technical Specs:

- Run Time: Rated Version: 97 minutes / Unrated Version: 122 minutes

- Rating: R

- Rating Reason: strong horror violence and gore, sexuality, nudity, language, and brief drug use

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